Company Overview

Company Background

Climate Action Associates LLC is a software technology and sustainability consulting firm dedicated to bringing the power of advanced technology to bear on practical on-the-ground sustainability challenges. While saving energy and money is today's imperative, we believe that tomorrow's imperative will be to become data and operational efficient. The founders, Jim Yienger and Alessandro Muti, have over 40 years of combined experience in the industry. Jim brings a deep environmental and sustainability background and the vision and for products like Horizons, while Alessandro, a technologist and successful serial entrepreneur, brings a knack for designing and building cutting edge software that solves problems.

We serve primarily state, local, and regional governments, but we also work with businesses that wish to make and meet long term sustainability goals.

Where We Work

We are based in Capital District of upstate New York, and are also represented in Seattle, Washington and the greater Philadelphia region. We solve problems in both our local market and in the national market. In today's internet-connected world, we are just a click for call away no matter where you are located.

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